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Morirúsë ignored the barbed comment that came to his mind. The woods was bad enough on thier moods and he recognized that he was sometimes difficult for others to bear.

He rolled up his shirt and the black rings of mail glistened in the light like skin of a snake, oily and black.  "Indeed they would for these rings were made by the fathers if the fathers of dwarves in the Eldar days when the fashioning and making of things the Noldo and thier folk shared. Once I was arrayed and lived as a Lord, but now it is all that remains; this armour, and my sword of all the things I once possessed. Sharp indeed will the claws be that could pierce this mail."

Morirúsë then laughed, "though I should be better rested the next time I swim in it."
Arbogast indicates the mail rings girt about Morirúsë's upper body, bright in the sunlight.  "His skin shines like a salmon, too, though I think that even your brother bears would break their teeth upon it.  That our elven friend made it as far as he did under such a weight is no small marvel." 
Grimbeorn laughed at what he perceived was jest for the day was nice and the swim refreshed him.  "It was nothing for your kind are of no burden to me.  You are like the salmon my brothers swat from the rapids near the Carrock.  In all the years of your life, you never learned to swim?"
"I knew bears could climb, but not also that they can swim. That was a mighty feat and I thank you for it."
Darkening of Mirkwood [LotR TOR] / Re: OOC THREAD
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Yeah, that all sounds pretty terrible.
The companions determined the crossing would be safest in numbers, so as they might aid one another at need. They entered the water, which was still warm from the late summer sun and began the swim.

Arbogast and Esgalwen, burdened as they were, still swam the Dusky though the current carried them downstream. It was the Noldo who faltered. In his weary state, Morirúsë began to weaken midway across and the brown waters covered him over. The Elf was certain there was a voice in the gurgling water calling to him. Deep and low, but not clear in the words - was it Elvish that he heard? Was it the call of the Vala, Ulmo, telling him it was time to return to the lands in the West?

Even as his arms failed him and his legs knotted from overuse, Morirúsë resigned himself to the call of the water and the power it had over them all. But then, great arms reached under his arms and his head was suddenly back in the air. He gulped in the sweet breaths, even as he coughed and sputtered out water. Grimbeorn's deep voice was calling him, "Morirúsë! Elf! Do you hear me? I have you...just let me carry you. Do not fight me."

In moments, the Noldo and Beorning felt the muddy bottom under foot. The two scrambled to the river's edge and both lay panting in the mud and weeds.

:ooc: Due to Grimbeorn's :g: and Morirúsë weakened roll, I have the above narrative...add to it as you will.
After a short period of rest, the companions stood once more and felt renewed.

But now they needed to cross the river, which meant they were going to have to swim. The only other option was to follow the Dusky upstream to its source and go around it. The latter option would take them deeper into the heart of Mirkwood with few points of reference, and so they decided to swim.

:ooc: It's going to take Athletic tests TN 14 to swim the river...

TN 14 athletics by PC
:00: Arbogast 2d 1d12 : 10, total 10
Rolled 2d6 : 6, 2, total 8

:00: Esgalwen 2d 1d12 : 9, total 9
Rolled 2d6 : 5, 4, total 9

:00: Grimbeorn 3d 1d12 : 12, total 12
Rolled 3d6 : 6, 1, 4, total 11

:00: Morirúsë 42d 1d12 : 1, total 1
Rolled 4d6 : 3, 2, 3, 5, total 13
Darkening of Mirkwood [LotR TOR] / Re: OOC THREAD
Last post by Eclecticon - Sep 23, 2017, 12:23 pm
Thanks.  I'm basically okay - my wife had spent a lot more time with the little one, so it hit her a lot harder.  And of course her parents aren't having a great time, especially her mother who is, I found out, both trying to quit smoking and pregnant


Anyway, I'll get back to posting all the damn time again. 
Darkening of Mirkwood [LotR TOR] / Re: OOC THREAD
Last post by tomcat - Sep 23, 2017, 04:55 am
Take all the time you need, Paul.

Not sure how my mind would be for a few days after helping clean out a kiddos room. That had to be heavy.
:ooc: Paul and Tom - I really liked the posts. I am awarding all the PC's one :vv: point from Ulmo.

The others do not understand what Arbogast says - maybe Morirúsë does - but the Company all feel heartened.   :csu:

Tom - since Morirúsë doesn't need any hope, I am giving him a day's rest in :<3:    :csu: 
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