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Nov 12, 2019, 07:57 am


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Hathcyn came back to his senses to wee that the battle raged around him still. A crooked shody shaft of an Orc arrow was buried in him, but he found he still yet breathed.

He set his feet, leveled his spear and stabbed at the brutes around himself.

Rolled 1d12 : 7, total 7

Rolled 3d6 : 3, 2, 2, total 7
:ooc: No he is at 5 from the arrow - I had already reduced his score. I guess I should have used the :csu: token. I was just waiting on your protection roll.
 :ooc: Hathcyn is at -1 Endurance osnt he? He had five endurance and then took an arrow for six and failed his protection roll.
Arbogast gives ground and takes blow after blow on his shield, but the orc's onslaught is relentless.  Even the strength lent to his limbs by the weeds he chews has fled, slowing his arm and robbing his body of breath.  So it is that, when the orc's bent sword bites deep into his right arm, sending blood spurting from the wound and the Warden's Axe tumbling to the earth, he regards his plight with horror but without surprise. 

Sore wounded and unarmed, there is no possibility of fighting back.  He concentrates purely on surviving for as long as he may. 

:ooc: Arbogast is shifting into defensive stance and fighting defensively (using Brawl, since I've narrated that he's lost his axe).  I'll sacrifice all three attack dice for +6 to his Parry. 

On the other hand, I've learned that it's unwise to entirely dismiss one's chances in this sort of situation, so I'll roll the Feat die in case there's a lucky shield-bash in him...

:00: 1d12 : 5, total 5
:ooc: Gaah, more piercing blows, and Arbogast has already chucked his helm off! 

Fine.  You want a protection roll?  I'll give you one. 

:00: 1d12 : 1, total 1
Rolled 2d6 : 5, 6, total 11
Quote from: Telcontar on Nov 08, 2019, 03:23 amHathcyn is down from last round. If anything his body is hacked to pieces by his opponent.

:ooc: Tom, Hathcyn is not down or unconscious. A PC goes unconscious only if he is reduced to 0 Endurance or Wounded a second time. He is dying if he is at 0 Endurance and Wounded.

SO he can do something.
 :ooc: Forgot for next round, I'll give up 2 dice for +4 Parry
Grimbeorn splits the smaller orc in twain, a searing blade through butter.  Barely able to enjoy the small triumph, he is hit by the orc leader.  He reels from the attack, getting himself set.  He attacks back from a defensive position to protect his comrades.

Axes -  1d12 : 8, total 8
Rolled 5d6 : 3, 4, 4, 4, 1, total 16

Stance: Defensive
Action: Defensive Attack
Hathcyn is down from last round. If anything his body is hacked to pieces by his opponent.
:ooc: Result

• Esgalwen hits with an 18 :%: success for 17 :<3: loss [KILL]
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