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U.S.S. Merrimac [transporter room]

Started by bizarro316, Mar 25, 2010, 09:24 PM

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Mar 25, 2010, 09:24 PM Last Edit: Apr 02, 2010, 02:29 PM by tomcat
The Columbia pressed closer as the crew prepared to rescue the survivors of the Merrimac. Doctor Sherman and the medical team that he organized made the quick walk from Sickbay down the hall to the transporter room. Inside, Phillips and his team had already arrived and were in the process of donning EVA suits. The security personnel made room for the medical team as they filed in so that they, too, might get ready.

Devon walked to each member of his security detail and made thorough inspections of each officer, making sure their gear and weapons were at top efficiency, turning to the medical staff as they walked into the transporter room..Nodding to the medical staff respectfully, Devon introduced himself, not getting the opportunity to get to know Doctor Sherman; only when he first arrived on board to report to sickbay for the routine medical check-up after coming on board--but with so much to do in security--*--Still I need to know all priority department staff, * he thought, quickly regaining focus..."Alright people--," he said, holding his helmet in his arm, as he spoke out to his security detail. "--we are going first with the science officer over to the vessel first to secure the area, and make sure that nothing out of the ordinary is over there--" Devon turned to the medical team assembled, continuing. "After the vessel is secured, then the medical and other personnel that may be required, will follow suit..."


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"We're right behind you son. Just send the word.", Doc replied to the young officer whose name escaped him at the moment. He was stuffing the last corner of his lab coat into his protective suit, noticing that the outfits looked rather good on all the younger, slimmer members of the away team. On him it just looked bulky and bulged in odd places. With a sigh, the doctor fastened the final clip and slung his medical satchel over his shoulder.

Sherman inspected his A and B away teams. They looked well prepared. Ordinarily, he wouldn't include himself on such a mission (especially when protective suits were required), but he planned to keep an eye on everyone to judge their responses and evaluate their effectiveness in a genuine emergency situation.


"Alright people," Devon spoke, as he walked to each of his officers, making sure their EVA suits and weapons were in functioning order. "I want no slip-ups, or no one over there trying to be a hero...We are to beam over, recon the vessel with the science team, and secure the vessel for the other teams--understood?" He walked towards the transporter operator on station and continued, "--I want a constant transporter lock on us at all times...In case something out of the ordinary happens..." He then turned to the Doctor, adding, "--Doctor? In case we run into wounded individuals onboard the Merrimac, is sickbay ready to recieve emergency casualties?"


The transporter control operator watched as Phillips and his security team entered the circular beam chamber and each took position on one of the pads. The operator then tapped a few commands to bring up the coordinates of the Merrimac and her bridge... seemed the best place to start.

It was then that the operator noticed the inordinant amount of 'noise' that displayed itself on his console. The white noise coming from all the stars and the radiation that they emitted in multiple wavelengths. The danger they posed to the individuals that would soon be disassembled and then beamed through it was immense. He nervously wiped his hand across his nose and nudged his companion to aid him in clearing all of the distortion.

Still, the team was ready and he needed to inform the bridge, "Transporter room 1 to bridge. Security team 1 is ready to beam."
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Chief Engineer Ramos broke into the communication, interrupting the transporter operator and transmitting to the bridge and transporter room simultaneously.

"Belay that order, transporter room," Ramos barked. "Bridge, I've been running the numbers and I'm no longer comfortable with beaming our people back and forth here. The ambient radiation is simply causing too much interference for reliable transporter operation. In my opinion, it's not worth the risk. I recommend using shuttlecraft for travel to the Merrimac."
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Message from Downer {Bridge}
"Dr. Sherman and Lt. Phillips. Initial scans show no signs of life on the Merrimac. Continue search with caution."

Message received from Ramos
Message from Downer {Bridge}
"Hold for confirmation, Chief."


Devon heard the transporter operators concern, then then news about the interference that they are having in getting a transporter lock on the away team...**This is not good...** Devon thought stepping off the transporter padd...He then went to the wall panel, taking off the EVA helmet, and signaling the comm panel.."Bridge, this is Lieutenant Phillips, with the away team..I just received not of the situation regarding the transporters. Request instructions..."


Quote from: bizarro316 on Apr 01, 2010, 09:18 PM
He then turned to the Doctor, adding, "--Doctor? In case we run into wounded individuals onboard the Merrimac, is sickbay ready to recieve emergency casualties?"

Doc gave the young officer a look that implied this was a question that did not need asking. He bit back a sarcastic reply, however, and said simply "Sickbay is ready."