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Started by tomcat, Mar 07, 2008, 11:10 AM

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Dr. Tam opened his eyes.

Peering over him was the smiling face of Dr. Chan, "Hey Doc... how are you feeling?"

Tam was unable to answer at first. He was still confused as to where he was and what had happened. "Better... I guess."

Chan and the other few medical personnel that stood round gave a relieved chuckle and the Chief Medical Officer was then filled in on what had occurred.

In another room, John Grahm was also smiling. With things quiet at the moment, the Tactical Officer had made a fast jog down to the Sickbay to check on Jess. He had not seen, nor heard anything about her since she had been taken off the bridge.

He stood outside her room as she was tended to by the med staff. She was sipping on a cup of water when she noticed him standing there. Grahm smiled with a wink and waved. The communications officer smiled back and nodded.

With the knowledge of her well-being, John quickly turned to get back to the bridge and his duties.
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