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Oct 18, 2021, 04:33 PM


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Interlude: The Steading

Started by Telcontar, Jul 21, 2021, 09:33 PM

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Jul 21, 2021, 09:33 PM Last Edit: Jul 21, 2021, 10:20 PM by Telcontar
A loud wrapping occurred on the round door of the smial. Rosanna Bracegirdle back in the kitchen heard it loudly sound down the hall. The carpet and the hanging cloaks muffled the loud raps only slightly.

"What a racket, enough to make milk curdle. Bandy! The door."

No answer from within and the knocking continued.


"What!?" Came a call from the study.

"The door."

"I'm in the middle of reading this book Saruman lent me. I've just gotten to the part where the dragon..."

More banging.

"If you expect your pregnant wife to answer the door while... I swear the Hobbits in this house..."

Hobbit feet could then be heard padding down the hall.

"Allright, allright, consider me chastised. I've a farm to run, a mill to build, merchants to haggle with...but no my dear I will not stack up, measure, and weigh tasks with you."

His head popped in the doorway in front of her and kissed her. "Like sunshine on the grass.."

"You intolerable husband, get the door. I've not time for poetry or rhymes either."

They both laughed and the pounding continued. She smiled at him, he had lost the lean look of a traveler and the steady supply of ale and bacon had brought him back to good Hobbit size. He still spoke fondly of his friends and occasionally caught him staring down a road or a path while he idly rubbed his helm pin. She knew his mind was often on his friends, but she also knew he still woke up at night in a sweat muttering about the darkness shrouded in a cloak.

He opened the door.

"Master Bandis!"

The hobbit had given up on the Beornings ever calling him by his right name and had finally embraced the title Bandis Halfman that they had given him.

"Wilmund what is it? Such a fuss, but I hear no hue or cry, what is the trouble?"

"Word from the road. A messenger rode hard to see you and would give the message only to you. He is taking a drink so I said I would fetch you to him."

"Very well, lead on. I'll just grab my hat."

The floppy hat planted on his head he also grabbed his blade. An odd piece of gear for a Hobbit in the Shire, but in Wilderland the customs were different, and danger came to the big and the small folk from unlikely places and at strange times.

He made his way to the messenger and saw that his brother-in-law had gotten him ale and cheese. The horse was already being tended at the barn by one of the other men of the steading. No doubt to help, but also hear what great news was at hand.

"Thegn Halfman...."

"I go by that name here."

"I have news from Grimbeorn Wolfslayer. He rides to the Tarn in all haste. I am told to tell you 'the Firewatcher is besieged, they will gather men as they go but he asks you to send what supplies you can spare to follow."

Bandy recalled the year he had organized food supplies among the woodmen and the time he had spent with Rorin running the forge. And the smiling faces of Arbogast's own wife and children. He remembered also that he had earnestly asked him to move here with him, but the Woodman was proud and loyal to the wood that reared him.


"Aye, confirmed by the night walkers. Goblins have him besieged. The Wolfslayer asks for all the food you can spare. There will be coin for it and a merchant may come for stores as well. They offered what they had so they could leave at once."

"It shall be done. Pickle, get the others. I'll answer this summons myself."

The other Hobbit hustled off towards the houses of the big people.

"We shall be about our work. Now, have some ale and tell me all you know."

Within a few hours several wagons were being outfitted. Messengers also had gone out with coin to gather all that was available. Bandy's generosity and helpful nature was known wide in the area he had called home. He was always free with food and it was said of him that his weights were light and his measure and pour long. Always he had given more than what was bought. Even now in the spring people gave to him freely and took little in return. They didnt even ask the reason, but they gave freely simply because he had asked.

He poured over his maps and big and small folk came and went while Rosanna watched and worried. He had his kit on and his bow by the door. He traced routes on his maps...

"Do not worry dear. I'll take as much as I can and we can get more later for ourselves."

He turned to her.

"These are my friends and they ask me for help. Grimbeorn could command it of me, but he asks and I will answer. I'll take who will come with me to guard the wagons, but our role is not to fight, it is for what comes after. Slow is the road, but the food will serve as great as an army when the fighting is done."

He knew she thought about the inn, its burning and all the troubles her family knew when they left the Shire and before she had come to live here, before she was married.

"Dont worry my rose, I have many tasks yet to do and many buds to tend with you."

He patted her swelling stomach.

"Your upset with me, but a Hobbit must do what he must for his friends and family."

"Dont you come back thin again Master Bracegirdle. I'll not take your clothes in for you."

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:ooc: This is great!  I'm so glad just to see that Bandy isn't pining away for his far-off farthing!
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