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Feb 27, 2021, 03:41 PM


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Death in the Marshes - Round 2

Started by Eclecticon, Aug 18, 2020, 07:29 PM

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With a preternatural speed and a strength that she could not oppose, Esgalwen was staggered by the blow. Darkness crept into her peripheral vision and she struggled to maintain herself upright, let alone return to her feet. The muddy, icy ground made it all the harder for her. The Ranger made feeble attempts at keeping Nimronyn held high and postured for an attack - or at least a defense.

There was a hatred in this monster that drove it forward like the smithy's hammer to his anvil. Her miscalculations were all too clear, but Esgalwen would not go to the hall's of her fathers on her knees. Hearing his cruel laughter, she struggled back up using her sword to aid her, to stand once more before her foe.

Still unbalanced, she weakly raised her sword.

What she was not aware of was the fact that her men had seen her stand - resist - and the fire in their hearts grew and their swords cleaved deeper. The Company of Dale gave a booming shout of challenge to their Enemy. Euric, seeing Esgalwen's plight began the arduous task of moving across the field to help her.

Narrator: Darkening of Mirkwood | Chronicle of the North | Tempest Rising | To Boldly Go | Welcome to the 501st!
Esgalwen [♦♦♦♦○○] Dmg 9/11  |  Edge 8  |  Injury 16/18
Nimronyn [Sindarin Pale gleam] superior keen, superior grievous longsword - orc bane
Foe-slaying - when attacking a bane creature, reduce Edge of weapon by value of bearer's Valour

Shadow bane [when in Forward stance, add 1 success die to each attack]
Skirmisher [if carried encumbrance is 12 or less, increase Parry by +3 when in close combat stance]