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Early End

Started by tomcat, Aug 27, 2019, 07:04 am

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"They chose to take Stanford by force of arms, and they paid the price. I did not see the banner of the Hill among them. Lordship was what he was after at the Toft, nit food. For they would have been welcomed, just as the Vigs who came south with us were welcomed. Some of whom came here, to the games, numbered now among the Beornings.

The shadow is great and it is terrible Firewatcher, but it not a thing to be faced alone. Whether in the field or preying upon the mind there are friends that will come. Name the place and I will come with you to fight the darkness. Though I bear now love to the deep wood and those hellish spiders, even there I would not see you go alone if you needed a comrade. I will speak no lie to all of you. The last trip to the wood and that cursed hall awakens me at night, but I know too neither of us alone defeated it. Together we are strong."
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Grimbeorn rode besides his companions, only half-listening to their conversation, more intent on the words he had with the Brown Wizard.  It disturbed him that men would make an enemy without cause and more so carry out their deeds in the darkness and shadows.  Mention of the Dark Lord and his machinations coming to these lands again weighed upon him and his resolve strengthened over maintaining the peace between the Free Peoples east of the mountains.

When he finally spoke, his voice was quieter than usual.  "The past is done and new or old enemies long forgotten are among us. We must have a care for all men in these lands for they are our neighbors and kin.  They may have been at arms against us but we must continue to sue for peace where we may so all may stand together.  The Shadow is coming."


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