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The Games - Day 5

Started by tomcat, Jul 26, 2019, 06:27 am

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Hathcyn knew that Esgalwen's approach was the better one, but he also knew that the situation required immediate action. The Longspear looked to Grimbeorn and nodded in the direction of Mogdred, then he strode after him.

"Lord Mogdred of the Hill! May I ride with you? I would have our foes know that when we are struck all the bees swarm together."
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"Do as you will, Beorning, but know it is my intent to run these criminals to the river and put spear to heart! I will leave them, like your totems, as a reminder of what happens when you assault my people."

Suddenly another voice rose above the Toft-mens' calls for death, "Yes, yes, run them down! Leave their carcasses as a symbol of your wrath. It seems that wisdom still escapes you, Mogdred!"

The Toft chieftain turned in a fury at her voice, "Watch your tongue woman! Remember you are a guest here!"

Mogdred's anger did not phase Esgalwen and she strode forward to stare up into his face, "And you remember that until my liege-lord granted my request, were your people still fighting with the crude scraps of orcs! I have fought with these people. I have bled for these people. I nearly died for these people. I have earned my place among you and you will not treat me as an outsider!"

The crowd watched as Mogdred's powerful countenance cracked for a moment and he averted his eyes from the Dúnadan. In turn, the woman seemed to grow before their eyes.

In a calmer voice she said, "A crime has been committed against your people. Do you not think it wise to find the answer as to why? Yes, let us ride these culprits down - I, too, will join you. But upon reaching them, let us find out why they were sent, and more importantly, who sent them."

He took a moment to regain his composure and then Mogdred gave a silent nod.

Esgalwen looked to Arbogast, "Will you join me in this Fire-watcher? And mayhaps Grimbeorn will join his man?"
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Arbogast nods his agreement, though his furrowed brow attests to his troubled thoughts.  Men in dark cloaks, moving in strange ways.  Another who speaks in hisses and croaks and calls us 'big folk', much like Bandy often does.  I fear there are much darker things abroad here than bloody-handed Men. 

All he says, however, is "Let us be not over-hasty.  I think that we shall find few traces of our quarry, and a keen eye will avail us more than swift feet." 
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"Yes, I will go with Mogdred and see what I can do to help temper rash behavior," said Grimbeorn, "But the lady seems more adept than I in that matter."