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Who's who in Rohan

Started by Nashan, Jan 26, 2019, 09:22 AM

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The last King of Rohan often sits uneasy on his throne. Thengel has returned to his country only in the year 2953, already 48 years old. Before that time he had lived for thirty years in Gondor, away from the land of his forebears, to escape the influence of his ill-tempered and unwise father.
When Fengel died Thengel was summoned home by a people who had spent a lifetime under a greedy, fractious king. Few among them were ready to love his son; even fewer expected anything from him than what they had got from King Fengel for fifty years.
Thengel himself returned a grown man, with a foreign Queen and a foreign heir. Thengel knew full well that his wife and young son, born in Gondor, would feel out of place for many years, perhaps all their lives, behind the wooden walls of Edoras.
For this and other reasons Thengel and his family speak Sindarin and Westron, in the Golden Hall, even if not all his subjects appreciate that custom. But in all public matters the Lord of Rohan and his household use the language of the Mark.


The Rohirrim call her Steelsheen, a strong name for a forbidding queen. Much younger than her husband, Morwen was born in Belfalas in the year 2922. As beauteous now as when she first came to Rohan, the queen remains youthful. She lived most of her early life in distant Lossarnach, a fief to the south of Minas Tirith, but she is a descendant of the princes of Dol Amroth, Dúnedain with Elven-blood in their veins.
Morwen has given an heir to the Lord of the Mark and her daughters someday will bind in marriage the worthiest captains and marshals of the Rohirrim together. But the Queen will ever be a stranger to her people, however much they admire her. She is tall and fair-skinned with long black hair – quite exotic to her husband's fair-haired people – appearing as foreign as her native speech and accent, so soft and musical compared to the slow, rich language of Rohan. She treats every honest man and woman with fairness and generosity, yet she remains distant and reserved, allowing her humour and compassion to come to the fore only in rare circumstances.

ÉOGAR, Second Marshal of the Riddermark

Éogar, son of Halwin, is lord of Deeping-coomb and of much other land west of the Snowbourn. He is among the wealthiest men of Westfold and a renowned captain, both ruthless and politically shrewd. Éogar has led many raids into the land of the Dunlendings in his years of service under Fengel; he was ordered to do so to feed a bitter feud between the two peoples – the old king enjoyed diverting his unhappy people's attention to the enemy in the west. Thanks to these skirmishes, resentful Dunland clans watch the borders closely for any chance to raid Westfold in return. The Riders of Éogar's personal éored are hardened veterans who have crossed swords with Hillmen and Orcs alike, and they wait for such occasions to put their strength to the test once more.
Éogar is a big man in his early sixties, though age has not lessened his strength. He is broad across the shoulders, and built like a bear. He keeps both hair and beard in braids that turned silvery grey long ago. His eyes are the deep blue of winter ice and just as cold to his enemies, softening only for his wife and son.

CENRIC, Third Marshal of the Riddermark

Cenric is a member of a noble house, tracing his lineage back to Eofor, son of Brego. The Third Marshal before him was his uncle Edwin, brother to his father Swidhun. Cenric has not squandered his years of service. He has grown wealthy from trade with Gondor and he is the undisputed lord of Eastfold, ruling from his rich home in Aldburg.
He is a lean and wiry warrior in his early fifties, with the air of a starving wolf about to pounce. He is very perceptive and misses little, but his hard nature and clear avariciousness can be off putting.

HEÁFOD, captain of the King's Guard

Heáfod is the captain of the King's Guard and the Doorwarden of the Lord of the Mark. Soon he will be considered an old man, as he was born a handful of years before Thengel King. But he is determined to serve for as long as he will have the strength to carry his spear.
Heáfod's once-golden plaits have turned grey, but his dark blue eyes have lost none of their keenness. His wide shoulders still bear heavy mail with ease. No one in Edoras can ever remember seeing him smile, only rare occasions when his scowl lightened.