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Guilin's Company

Started by tomcat, Oct 09, 2014, 06:34 PM

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 :ooc: I'm ok with hitting up the inn, check on elf, and then head into town to meet the rest of the crew.

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Celdrahil and Dirnhael were very pleased with their friend's state. The nurses that had tended the Sindar were very adept at leechcraft, and the fact that their patient was of the Eldar helped, but Edrahil was now sitting up and in good spirits. There did not appear to be any broken bones, which surprised both men for the Elf had been smote with a hammer. The bruising was bad to look at, but still he was well on his way to recovery.

"I will join you in the morning," said Edrahil. Dirnhael shook his head to object, but the Sindar stood firm with his decision. "I will be well enough to move after another day's rest. I will just see to it that I do not get in the way of anymore mattocks. Besides, you may need my skills out there. Find Durgil and we will gather with tomorrow's light."

Now the two Dúnedain found themselves at the gates of Tharbad. A guard, whose face was in shocked surprise at seeing more Dúnedain out of Arthedain, asked them their business. When they spoke of Durgil and Nain, there was instant recognition. "Yes, our Master-at-Arms, Cordale, took the two to see our Lord."

Dirnhael answered, "Then best you take us to find them now, as our errand is urgent."

The guard did just that, leading the two nobles into the city and across the bridge.
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