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Mellwayn - round 1

Started by tomcat, Dec 24, 2012, 03:15 PM

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Dirnhael freed the Elvish blade Vorándur, its steel ringing through the hall as it left its scabbard.
Flipping his shield from his back onto his hand, he prepared for battle, holding his position between Gandalf and Edrahil -- the magic-users would be their best protection here, and Dirnhael would ensure their protection.
LOTR Characters:Dirnhael, Vári
ST Characters:Stonn, Ramos
SW Character: Caden Whitesun


The two nobles readied themselves as around them the rotted corpses began to stir. Outside the keep, in the gathering darkness, a long mournful cry began to sound as if a thousand voices cried their misery. Fengel drew Cerduil and felt a gripping panick rise in him that he fought to quell. Perhaps it was that he saw the effects of Morgoth on one of his kin, but Edrahil was utterly unmanned.

:ooc: Okay, Nolmir is not coming back and so I have removed Madoc from our story. Matt, I need to know if you still want to run Ginnar. Let me know.

Durgil is at -2 to all tests for this round
Dirnhael is at -4 to all tests for this round

Opposed Fear tests

:00: TN 15 Willpower +3, Strong-willed +2, Resolute +1, Power of Words +2
Roll(2d6)+8: 1,1,+8 Total:10 - 6 (dbl 1's) = 4 - Disastrous failure Unmanned
:00: TN 15 Willpower +2, Power of Words +2
Roll(2d6)+4: 5,2,+4 Total:11 Failure Panicked -2 to all tests

Narrator: Darkening of Mirkwood | Chronicle of the North | Tempest Rising | To Boldly Go | Welcome to the 501st!
Esgalwen [♦♦♦♦○○] Dmg 9/11  |  Edge 8  |  Injury 16/18
Nimronyn [Sindarin Pale gleam] superior keen, superior grievous longsword - orc bane
Foe-slaying - when attacking a bane creature, reduce Edge of weapon by value of bearer's Valour

Shadow bane [when in Forward stance, add 1 success die to each attack]
Skirmisher [if carried encumbrance is 12 or less, increase Parry by +3 when in close combat stance]


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"Aye, to backs!  We shall hold against these phantoms.  Khazad-ai-menu!  We fear no dusty bones!"  Ginnar readies himself with the Dunadan lords, hefting the axe of his fathers.

TN 15 Willpower [Fear] - Roll(2d6)+9: 1,6,+9 Total:16
(bonus breakdown - +3 base, +2 Strongwilled, +4 Valour)

Init - Roll(2d6)+2: 4,6,+2 Total:12

PS I will continue with Ginnar, wanted to see how more of the round turned out since he was at the bottom of the init order.
Gwaithlim Weapons
Great Bow  Atk: 2d -- Dmg (0h): 7/13/19 -- Edge: 10 -- Injury: 16
Swords       Atk: 2d -- Dmg (1h): 5/11/17 -- Edge: 10 -- Injury: 16
                                    Dmg (2h): 7/13/19 -- Edge: 10 -- Injury: 16