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Oaths of the Riddermark [LotR TOR]

The year is 2954 T.A. Thengel, the new king of Rohan, spent most of his life in Gondor and is considered a stranger in his own land. Under the sad rule of his father, the two Marshals of the Mark became bitter enemies, and from that disunity, fierce Dunlending tribes began to raid the farmsteads of Rohan. Isengard itself is no longer a haven of wisdom. Spies from Saruman have already infiltrated all layers of the Rohirrim society for unknown purposes. Thengel King has made known he's welcoming adventurers to help settle Rohan right. Being a stranger himself, resorting to strangers might be a bold move but there is no time left to dabble, actions must be taken. Will you heed the call ? Will you take a seat at the table of a king and restore the Riddermark to its former glory?

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