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Apr 01, 2023, 08:38 PM


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The Blood of Orcrist [D&D 5e]

The two faced one another in the large chamber - the hearth's flames casting the only light. Shadows danced across the pillars of stone that stood in ordered lines. One of the figures stood tall, near seven-feet in height. His body was well-formed and bulged with strength. He was a half-breed - half man and half orc. The other man was tall and slender and dressed in a long robe of red. Covering his face was an awful mask in the shape of a dragon. He spoke, "You are a fool if you believe this plan will work." "Fool?" growled the half-orc. "No, I am no fool. The vision I see will come to its fruition. I will restore my blood rite. The doors of Darkhold shall be opened and I will attain the greatness that was my forebears."

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