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:ooc: You guys are cranking out the piercing blows this round!  Protection test (TN 18) for Thick-hands:

:00: 1d12 : 1, total 1
Rolled 2d6 : 4, 2, total 6
 :ooc: Target is the same orc as before, thick-handed.
Battle and blood, friend and foe alike, surrounds Grimbeorn.  The orcs and men are at a stand-still, hacking and jabbing, piercing and slashing.  He hears above the din the sound of his best friend's voice and is heartened.  A feral and fay grimace spreads across his face as the song of his people is sung by his standard bearer.  The hair upon his body bristles and the pupils of his eyes almost go black.  He knows they are in the thick of it now and must conserve himself and look for the opening against these vile creatures so he can take an advantage and rally his forces.

Stance: Defensive
Action: Defensive Fighting (-2d, +4 Parry)
+1d Advantage die

Axes -  1d12 : 10, total 10
Rolled 4d6 : 4, 5, 1, 6, total 16

Hathcyn had transcended himself. Much like the night walking he could see but felt absent from his body. The song of grieving and loss fled from his lips and with it the sense of living. Like a specter now his body moved and fought, the death song on his lips. He saw the metal twist as the spear pierced the armor of the orc, and he saw the ichor flow and splash across the shaft. Part of him wondered at the sight of it. Would the spoor splatter of the blood match that of his wedding sacrifice? Would the wine of this own body splatter the ground and mingle with the orcs? Would he see Aestid again or the serving hounds of the hall?

All these thoughts passed like an eternity in his mind. While the spear tore free and his limbs worked in battle.

"Ea-la light of hall
Ea-la lord and cup giver..."

He sang and slew, he sang and bled.
Someone with a high inspire needs to Rally comrades. My 2d6 there was no better than my second wind attempt.
:ooc: I think that should be a kill.  ;D

Let's see if I can withstand the remaining two.
:ooc: I am going to roll the :<>: roll just so I can see if I have removed this guy. If I have overstepped, let me know, Paul.

TN 18 armour 2d
:00: 1d12 : 3, total 3
Rolled 2d6 : 4, 6, total 10

Esgalwen was battered by the sheer strength of the orcs around her and she knew she had erred in her judgement to race headlong into the battle. But her anger drove her and she could not, would not relent.

Staying within close proximity to her enemies, she made a sudden feint and then brought down Nimronyn on the orc to her left. Somewhere behind her, the sound of Hathcyn singing cleared her mind of the fear that seemed to now always oppress her, and strength returned to her hands.

The DĂșnadan's longsword slipped past the orc's defense and she heard a terrible crunch as it slashed into and through its body.
:ooc: Okay! That works.

I hit Sword wielding orc with a 20 :%: success for 17 :<3: loss and he must make a :<>: test TN 18
:ooc: I HAVE to kill something here and although it would seem best to target the one I already damaged, it might be wiser to try and kill a stronger one who have more :@: to use. I hope this is not another blunder, but she will target Sword wielding orc... I really hope this works out. [<
TN 10 longsword 5d (+1d for Shadow Bane trait)
:00: 1d12 : 6, total 6
Rolled 5d6 : 1, 4, 1, 2, 6, total 14

:dmg: 11   edge: 6   injury: 18
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