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Title: Guests
Post by: tomcat on Mar 13, 2008, 06:49 PM
It did not take long before Mr. Anderson delivered the Klingons to the Sickbay. Vrang turned a corner and came into view of the many minor-wounded crewmen that milled outside of medical department. The Klingons could not help noticing the few bodies that were also lined up in the hall, but respectfully draped with blankets.

The doors into the sickbay opened and Vrang and Darkan met eyes once more. Beside the human captain stood the Vulcan - the Klingon captain paused a moment before entering, but then walked through straightening as he did. "Captain Darkan... I see your ship has survived where mine has not." Vrang hesitantly continued, "I am sorry for the losses of your crew."
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Post by: GandalfOfBorg on Mar 14, 2008, 07:25 PM
Darkan nodded his acceptance of the captain's condolences and stood to meet his equal.  Steven did remember a bit of Klingon courtesy and returned with, "Only through sheer luck, Captain. May we all live long enough to drink to the fallen's memory in victory over our enemy."
Ushering his guests to an aside, Darkan sits down again.  "I asked you to come here not only so my doctor could see to any of your injuries, but as you can see, I was in need of attention as well."  Not caring to continue with any chit-chat as there was no time for it and it'd likely irk the Klingons, he got right to the point.  "If you haven't heard yet, we've already been greeted by two more Klingon vessels, likely of a rival house of yours and loyal to the local governor.  One was destroyed as we attempted to escape, but the other has cloaked yet is probably still in the area.... which I'm sure you know what that means.  So I need your opinion as to what we should do now?  Your message was transmitted but it would likely carry more weight with you there to back it up.  Should we go straight to Qo'Nos to present our case to your High Council or is there another idea you have in mind?"
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Post by: tomcat on Mar 16, 2008, 03:43 PM
Vrang blinked hard.

Scenarios began to run through the Klingon's mind - how he had captured a Federation vessel and brought it back to Qo'nos; or how he would be shamed being delivered back to his imperial homeworld by an enemy vessel, his own destroyed.

The latter would be more readily believed by his peers. Besides, through all, Darkan and his crew had behaved with honor - to turncoat on them would not be right, and Vrang had more now at stake than his reputation with his people. His honor was on the line and thus his soul.

The silence grew between the two captains, but then Vrang replied, "I do not believe Qo'nos is the viable option captain. We cannot be sure as to whom is in charge on my homeworld. Better that we return to your space and at least assure the safety of your vessel and crew. From there I can begin to work through channels and relay the deceit of the Chak-Ruth back to my superiors. I believe there is a Klingon diplomatic mission on Earth, no? Perhaps they can be our means to end this."
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Post by: GandalfOfBorg on Mar 17, 2008, 07:54 PM
Darkan looked hard upon the Klingon in front of him.  To suggest and likely suffer the indignity of returning with him to Federation space, he took Vrang's insight at face value.  "Very well, captain, we shall do as you suggest."  Darkan steps over to the intercom and relays the command to head back to Federation space.  "You and your men shall be treated as honored guests and given accomodations accordingly, though I will apologize in advance for the lack of Klingon fare.  Hopefully, something about that can be rectified soon enough.  Officers will be posted near your quarters for your assistance and if you wish to come to the bridge; otherwise don't hesitate to join the rest of the crew in the common areas.  Captain, I am at your disposal, yet for now I must return to my duties."  Looking down at his arm, he barely realized that the medical officer had fitted his arm with a splint and bone regenerator (OOC: If they have them in this time period, don't recall); he was almost as good as new.  "Thank you," he said and turned back to his counterpart. "If you don't have anything else, I must return to the bridge and see to our repairs.  You are welcome to join me on the bridge once your exams are complete."
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[OOC:] Hey Matt, yea, they have a cellular stimulator that accelerates growth and knits bones. Darkan will have use of his arm by the end of your meeting here, but he will be at a -3 to all physical tests for the next 48 hours while the new bone cells strengthen. If you roll any Disastrous Failure on a physical test over this time period will cause the bones to re-separate (Vitality test to save TN 12). If this occurs, obviously Darkan will be inflicted with awful pain and be lame again until healed.

The bridge confirmed Darkan's orders. Mr. Anderson replied, "Confirmed captain. Course plotted to return us to Federation space. It looks like a 10 day trip at minimal warp... less than that at higher speeds."

Darkan knew what Anderson meant by minimal warp. The ship could only move so fast while the prairie masker was operational. The captain ran through equations in his mind when Grahm's voice replaced Anderson's. "Captain, one other thing. We were just hailed by the planetoid. Comms is trying to decipher the communication but as yet, it is unintelligible. The sensor station is empty up here at the moment so I have only limited details to go on."

The intra-ship channel went silent as Grahm waited to hear his captain's orders.
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Post by: sdrotar on Mar 18, 2008, 03:57 PM
Stonn turned to the captain with a quizzical expression; they were being hailed by the planetoid?

"With your permission, Captain, I will return to the bridge," he said. He looked forward to investigating this further.
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Post by: GandalfOfBorg on Mar 18, 2008, 06:11 PM
OOC: Ok, will endeavor to keep that in mind.

Darkan nodded in agreement.  "I'll be right behind you," and turned to his counterpart for any final comments.
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Vrang saw that Darkan was looking to leave, "Go to your bridge, captain. My crew and I will allow your staff to do their exams and then to show us to our chambers."

Nodding Darkan turned to go, but then Vrang spoke once more, "I believe it is your peoples' custom to say 'Thank You'... thank you and your crew for aiding us. We greatly appreciate your treatment of us and I, respectfully, would like to take you up on your offer to join you on your bridge."

[OOC:] Finish any chatter you want here, but Stonn and Darkan can now begin posting in the Bridge.
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Post by: GandalfOfBorg on Mar 22, 2008, 07:35 AM
Darkan stopped and turned to face a man whom he was fast-realizing that beyond all the racial emnity could become an ally or even friend.  "Vrang, it is our duty to help those in need.  But for me, I cannot bear to leave anyone behind that could be saved.  Your gratitude is much appreciated.  Peace is in both our interests as much as life.  If we live, we may yet be able to keep that peace.  See you on the bridge."  He gave the Klingons a brief smile and nod, then left for the bridge.