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Title: Counsellor's Office
Post by: pgholland on Feb 27, 2008, 03:59 AM
Ario squeezed past the door into his small office and cleared off his desk- the Captain had clearly made a poor decision, and it was only left for Ario to make note of that for the ship's 'Black Box' recorder. He pulled up the Captain's psych-profile and tapped the edit button, the computer worked for a short time, then requested clearance.
"Computer, Clearance T'Pek 1-Alpha-Four-Four-Eight," he said as he prepared his statement and tapped in a second clearance code with his fingers. "Addendum, Psychiatric Profile; Darkan, Stephen, Commander. Captain USS Columbia. Editing Officer, T'Pek, Ario, Ensign. Ship's Psychiatrist USS Columbia. In my opinion Commander Darkan has suffered a major, post-traumatic stress breakdown; it is becoming evident both from empathic testing as well as his current actions- taking an already crippled vessel into combat with two fully-operational Klingon Birds of Prey, having not attempted to make any contact with them first.
"Unfortunately I was not prescient enough to remove the Commander from his post before he initiated combat, and so, as a result of my negligence I have endagered the lives of every crewmember on this ship. It is my reccommendation therefore that Commander Darkan's post-mortem inquiry make especial note of his stressful situation and lack of correct functioning, and that my own records my failure in duty not only to the Commander, but also to the crew of Columbia."
He tapped the save button, his addendum added and sent to the data-storage banks that would be copied into the 'Black Box'. Then he sighed, placed one hand on each temple and let out a primal roar- allowing his building rage to emerge in a way that no Vulcan would. Then he took out his meditation candle and prepared himself to focus his mind and repress the Vulcacn-Deltan urges that had not been properly contained in over a day.
Title: Re: Counsellor's Office
Post by: pgholland on Mar 14, 2008, 03:38 AM
Suring himself up, Ario tapped the download button on his personal hand-held data slate; then, while he waited for the immense datafile on Klingons to download he lit his candle and drew a deep breath of the cleansing incense.
He began to mutter the mantra that his Vulcan Master had taught him, focusing his primal instincts back into the small pocket that was reserved for it in his mind. Today had been far too much, and he wasn't sure that this would hold- only knowing that it had to, Columbia would be in trouble for a long time after this, and he would be required more than ever then.
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Post by: pgholland on Mar 23, 2008, 04:12 AM
With the Captain returned to the Bridge it was now Ario's job to begin assessing the Klingon crew- he was unsure exactly how the destruction of their vessel would affect them- but most likely it would be severe for such a martially inclined race. Perhaps by drawing on his exo-anthropological knowlegde as well as the collected wisdom of hundreds of culture's psychologists he would be able to help them come to terms with it, at least until they could return to the Empire and regain their glory.
He stood and made his way from his small office and down the short corridor to the main sickbay facility, where he was certain the Klingons would be- they needed to be assessed first- they were the 'unknown' element; a potential danger to the entire crew.
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Post by: tomcat on Mar 25, 2008, 08:03 PM
Quote from: pgholland on Mar 23, 2008, 04:12 AM[OOC:] The following is a change to the above character narrative:

He stood and made his way to the doors of his office.

The doors to Ario's office slid open to reveal two security officers standing at either side. They turned to look at him and the guard on the right spoke, "Ensign, I am here to inform you that you are relieved of any duty and are to be confined - either here or in your quarters; per Captain Darkan's instruction."

The look on the security officer's face told the halfling how serious he was, "Where would you prefer to be, sir?"
Title: Re: Counsellor's Office
Post by: pgholland on Mar 26, 2008, 02:03 AM
[OOC: Would you please stop calling him a 'halfling' that's like saying half-caste! But there's nothing i can do now- except note that my character actually filed a similar order under General order 12 subsection C...]
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Post by: tomcat on Mar 26, 2008, 06:32 AM
[OOC:] No, I will not stop calling him a halfling. You were the one that decided to create a mixed species Deltan/Vulcan and the word halfling is not a derogartory term at all - it is a kind adjective to use so I do not have to type out Deltan/Vulcan every time I refer to Ario in some aspect besides his name.

Your character is an ENSIGN, but he is walking around the ship whipping out more orders than the captain. You are the one that created the scene on the bridge and if you do not like the situation your character is now in, so be it. The starship is still a militarily stuctured vessel and that order needs to be followed - even when crewmen do not like their orders. If they do not wish to obey them, then they are allowed to step down from their duties and it can be dealt with at starbase.

This said, I am asking you to leave the game Peter. It was great at first what you brought into the game but it became extremely erratic and now it is extremely antagonistic - and we're just here to have fun.

Ario has given me a great story-arc when/if the Columbia survives and makes it back to Federation space, but you will not be part of it.

Thanks for playing. Goodbye.