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Title: Critcal care
Post by: tomcat on Jan 19, 2008, 01:48 PM
[OOC:] Here is a time breakdown since the Episode started:

A hour* -1crew slowly revive and begin initial work to find out what has happened
A hour* -.25Darkan starts his 30 minute tests to come back to his senses
A hour* -0Klingon B'rels arrive and move in opposite direction
A hour* +.5Ramos begins computer reboot; Pushkin starts shuttle launch
A hour* +.75Grahm blows pods and extinquishes fire
A hour* +1Pushkin circuits the Columbia; Ramos programs the patch
A hour* +1.25Pushkin discovers the Gr'Toth; Ramos wires the tricorder
A hour* +1.5Ramos initializes the CPU
A hour* +2Life support comes online; Telek and Torrence complete repairs on hull breaches and secondary system failures
A hour* +2.25Sensors come online
A hour* +2.5Helm and Nav come online [Propulsion]
A hour* +3Shields come online
A hour* +3.5Weapons come online
A hour* +3.75Misc minor systems come online [Operations]
* A hour is the arrival hour of the two B'rels; bullets in light red have already passed

Ario re-entered the very busy sickbay and looked around at patients both critical and minor. The harried looking med-staff had organized the injured into groups and those that were non-critical, greatly outnumbering their counterparts, milled about, primarily, in the hall outside the med center. Inside was the triage where nurses and junior doctors worked to keep those alive while they awaited the needed surgery.

The psychologist was noticed by one of his fellow crewmen, and the obligatory question was asked, "Are you okay?"

Beyond the inquiring nurse, Ario could see into one of the operating rooms where the light frame of the Communications officer that he had helped on the bridge, was draped in sheets and being operated on by Dr. Chan. The halfling could not help but notice the grim face worn by the doctor.
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Post by: pgholland on Jan 21, 2008, 01:29 PM
Ario nodded, holding back the wince, "Of course. Nothing major, Vulcan constitutions are hardy, I will resist any effects until after the major situation is over. Now, where can I help out?" he asked, thanking his mother for not passing on her emotionless inability to lie to him whilst still giving him knowledge of mental compartmentalisation.
He crossed to the supply station and grabbed a med-kit, tricorder and scanner. Then he moved to where he was needed most and called up his meagre medicinal knowledge, resolving to study it as diligently as he could once this event was over.
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Post by: tomcat on Jan 30, 2008, 03:44 PM
It was the senior medical officer, Doctor Chan, that finally got Ario to sit down with a nurse and doctor via an order.

"You serve us no purpose if you are laying on your back from over-exerting yourself. Things are starting to come together here and there are going to be quite a few people who will need your skills when the impact comes from the losses of friends and fellow crewmen," Chan stated to Ario. "Now I want you to sit down, have the cut on your head cleaned and stitched, and your ribs checked. That is an order."

With that, Chan walked away and Ario had to deal with the young female nurse who had just been empowered by their superior officer. "Come on," she said.

The nurse first cleaned out the halfling's head wound and then used a dermal stimulator which closed the gash through a process of stimulating the skin cells to replicate. The device was not perfect and slight scarring could occur, but much less if it were to be left to heal on its own.

For his ribs, the nurse removed the torso girdle and did a scan with her medical tricorder. She determined that Ario had only cracked two of the bones and after a brief period of time laying under another device, the psychologist was feeling better.

"You are going to still feel some tenderness for a day or so, but the bones have been knitted and look good," said a doctor. "Just don't do any heavy lifting over the next two days."

With that Ario was again left to himself, and instead of feeling in the way, he went back to helping as he had originally intended.
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Post by: pgholland on Jan 30, 2008, 04:10 PM
Every minute of his wait was excrutiating for Ario- he should have been helping, his crew needed his medical skills. With his wounds quickly healed he stood back up and returned to his duties assisting the doctors with their therapies on the crewmembers, hoping to get rid of the line outside the sickbay, which was perhaps the worst part of the whole situation.
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Post by: pgholland on Feb 14, 2008, 06:07 AM
[OOC: Errrr, anything going on?]
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Post by: tomcat on Feb 14, 2008, 12:06 PM
[OOC:] We have stuff going on - I am kind of waiting on responses from the players.

As far as the med department goes, I have no clear storyline for that part of the ship right now. Your character being a doc of the brain is in demand to console the wounded, or grieving, but I don't have much more to offer at this particular moment in the game story. The ship needs to get out of the hazards around it, and we are still working within a time chart of engineering repairs.

As far as RP options for Ario right now:

You can leave the sickbay and go to the bridge to interact with the other PC's. Maybe offer up psycological analysis of the Klingons to try and help the captain get the ship out of Klingon space?


Feel free to start some narrative and dialogue with a wounded, or grieving NPC(s), and I will play off of what you give me. I give you free reign to describe what you see around you in the sickbay and its surrounds - just do me a favor and use the ship floor plans on the maps page to back up your narratives.

Let me know what you wanna do, Peter.
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Post by: pgholland on Feb 14, 2008, 04:24 PM
[OOC: TBH a psychologist probably wouldn't be doing any actual care during the danger situation- you'd never actually resolve anything at all. And an Empathic Anthropologist might actually be quite useful on the bridge.]
Ario knew that his services would not really be necessary in Sickbay- the crew could easily handle all of the problems, and the current environment was not really conducive to providing any competent and useful psychological attention, that would wait.
Instead he made a move towards the bridge-he was pretty certain that the captain would be dealing with the Klingons right now, probably both the damaged ship and patrol vessels, of which he was sure that there would be at least one considering the present situation in Klingon space. His expertise in alien cultures and traditions might well be useful for any negotiations that went on- of course chances were that the Captain already knew at least a little of what he was going to be able to tell him- but the minutiae might be very relevant here.