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Title: Convergence - Wounded ship!
Post by: tomcat on Nov 20, 2007, 02:27 PM
Tam was also steadying himself after the plasma and phaser attack had knocked the Columbia aside. The doctor looked around to see his staff beginning to perform emergency preparations - the stuff they had been drilling the last month. Medics were preparing the surgery rooms; collecting the many drugs that would be needed very soon; and setting up computer files for still unnamed patients. Though the situation did not make Tam smile, the Trill still felt a bit of pride as he saw that even in the mass confusion, their instincts were in override.

It took what seemed only seconds before the sickbay doors opened and two crewmen struggled in with the burden of another crewman between them, badly burned and near death. At the same time, the comm panel began to crackle with the calls of multiple stations requesting emergency medical teams.

[OOC:] Chris I do not know if you are playing anymore, but if so, I will have a list of tests by tonight that I will need for you to accomplish to tend the wounded on the Columbia.

If Chris is not playing anymore, I will still list the tests and then roll them out as an NPC.
Title: Re: Convergence - Wounded ship!
Post by: tomcat on Nov 28, 2007, 11:26 PM
[OOC:] Required tests for the medical teams:

First, we know that the Columbia lost 23 crewmen from the attack - six of which were drawn into space. In all, 54 were harmed by the attack (including the 23 above), so 31 are being rushed to the sickbay area.

Tam needs to roll the following sequence of tests (each test equating to 1 hour):

1) Sys Ops (Medical) to set up triage
2) 3 x Medicine to treat victims

The resulting rolls will be added to form a percentage of survivors - so if the aggregate of the 4 tests equals 83 then that is 83% of the 31 crewmen live. So, it is ideal for Tam to achieve a 100 or better with the tests.

I am not sure it Chris is still playing. I will give this until tomorrow afternoon and then I will conduct the rolls.
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Post by: tomcat on Dec 06, 2007, 08:01 PM
Tam and his team get busy as the wounded arrive.

The fourteen beds in the intensive care areas of sickbay were setup for triage, while the severe patients were moved quickly to the exam and operating rooms. Surgeons and nurses worked on the wounded while lab technicians prescribed and administered drugs for the non-critical crewmen.

Tam floated around the triage for a short while and then immersed himself in surgery.

One of the departmental crewmen, Ensign Ario T'Plek, went from each of the worst cases and spoke with them - those that could - trying to soothe their pain and fears.

[OOC:] Tam's test rolls for surgery:

Sys Ops (Medical) for triage:
Sys Ops +11, Specialty +2
Roll(2d6)+13: 3,5,+13 Total:21

Medical tests for healing and surgery:
Medicine +14, Specialty +2
Roll(2d6)+16: 5,4,+16 Total:25
Roll(2d6)+16: 2,4,+16 Total:22
Roll(2d6)+16: 6,2,+16 Total:24

Total aggregate = 92% of patience survive, or 29 crewmen - 2 die (totalling 25)
Title: Re: Convergence - Wounded ship!
Post by: pgholland on Dec 07, 2007, 08:22 AM
Ario took a deep breath- it had been a long day, and it was going to be even longer... he had spent the last hour working with the emergency teams, finding and bringing in wounded, working triage and administering emergency attention; his skills weren't prodigious, but he was at least the equal of a newly qualified nurse, meaning he was probably as good as at least some of the crew.
He cleared his mind and walked over to the next Crewman, quickly passing his scanner over, checking that his wounds weren't too serious, or that he had been seen to. Ario confirmed that this crewman had been attended to as much as possible, he placed his scanner down, and placed two fingers from each hand on the crewman's neck, placed just above the join with his collar bone.
Ario breathed out, then with his next breath in he felt the pain coursing through his body, wracking him; his Vulcan physiology abated some of the pain but it was barely effective. He knew it would pass eventually, but that didn't help now; his abilities deadened the pain receptors, cut off the pain recognition systems in the crew member's brain.
A second later and it was all over, the pain was all but gone from Ario's mind, the Crewman was slightly better off; it felt so inadequate, Ario knew that it would help, but inadequacy didn't listen to reason. As he picked up his scanner and crossed to the next patient he opened his mind, allowed the pain and anguish in the room to flow over him, shuddered and then reversed the feeling, sent out waves of calm. In a room this large, in a room this crowded, it would have little effect, but until he could sit and talk to the crew; until the bustle had died down and he could take the necessary time. The headache was already building, his control was already failing...
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Post by: tomcat on Dec 07, 2007, 09:07 AM
[OOC:] Nice post Peter! Keep it up.

I will be getting back to you on your PM to me regarding the Pain Reduction ability. I just need to read the book and then we can compare thoughts.

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Post by: pgholland on Dec 07, 2007, 09:09 AM
[OOC: Hopefully I'll be able to keep them up... As for Pain Reduction, I'm actually weakening my character with my suggestion, it just seems fairer that way, especially as it can be very powerful.}