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Title: Pushkin's burns
Post by: tomcat on Oct 11, 2007, 11:09 PM
Pushkin sat on the exam table as Dr. Chan observed his wounds. The burns were minor, but still quite painful and so Chan prepared a hypo of Asinolaythin and Kelotane - the first for the pain and the second to aid in the healing of the burns. The doctor injected them both and then tapped Pushkin on the knee, "Should be good as new... but you may want to rest for a bit longer here."

The doctor walked away to aid another patient who had sustained an injury during the small battle with the B'rels. A pretty nurse approached and smiled at the helmsman, who immediately puffed his chest and acted like it no longer hurt. "Here," she said. "Let me wrap the burns in a light gauze for the moment - we want the wounds to breath but not be scuffed or get dirty."

Pushkin knew that the removal of the gauze would be another painful bonus from the attack, but for the moment he was pleased with his caregiver.
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Post by: seppun1 on Oct 13, 2007, 08:33 PM

   Pushkin remains seated upon the biobed while the Doctor administers the medication and walks away. With the arrival of the cute nurse, he moves to get this feet and gets hit by wave of dizziness. "Guess my head and gravity are currently incompatible."  He gives the pretty nurse a smile, which pulls at the burns. "Um....I'm in your hands," He tells the nurse. It all just proves that flirting with the opposite sex can be painful. "I don't think I have introduced myself. I am Alekseyev Pushkin." He says, trying to keep a conversation. 
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Post by: tomcat on Oct 14, 2007, 08:48 PM
Not looking up from her work, but a smile still evident, the young nurse answers, "Hello Alekseyev... I am Cindy, Cindy Timmons. And what happened to cause you to visit us today?"

Suddenly, the ship's klaxon system began to sound, "RED ALERT! RED ALERT! ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS!"
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Post by: seppun1 on Oct 15, 2007, 09:13 PM

    "Well, hello Cindy. Very nice to meet you.  I'm afraid a panel exploded and it..." Alex isn't able to finish his comment when it looks towards the ceiling as a panel starts to flash and he hears Townsend over the internal PA. "Excuse me, duty calls." He says, sliding off of the biobed. He grabs his uniform jacket as he tries to make his way for the bridge. Hopefully, the dizziness was only a temporary thing.
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Post by: tomcat on Oct 16, 2007, 08:22 PM
"Alekseyev," the nurse said. "You need to wait a few more minutes... the Asinolaythin will impare your abilities and surely the captain will not allow you to helm the ship."

Pushkin knew Cindy was right - but he also knew what was going on outside the vessel and how close they were to an engagement with an unknown enemy. The Columbia would need his skills!

The loss of equilibrium was enough to convince the young Russian to take a moment and sit back down. The ship was not engaged yet. Pushkin had ten minutes until that was no longer the case.

"Would you like some water?" she asked, as she helped him into a seat.

[OOC:] Seppun - for now consider Pushkin to be at a -7 to all test rolls. He may make a Stamina test TN 7 for each 2 minute period that passes to overcome the effects of the pain killer. For each success, you will reduce the penalty by 2 for a Success up to Superior, 3 for an Extraordinary, until it is removed. Understand, he will still be affected by the wound penalties on his character sheet until those are healed.

You can go ahead and make the series of rolls necessary for the tests and I will compute the amount of time based on number of rolls until Pushkin can leave for the bridge. The Dice Roller above is what we use and you need to click the button activate it (don't ask me why, cuz that took a while to figure the programming on my webpage)... and then if you could post your rolls in this format (see below), separate from any dialogue you do.

Stamina tests TN 11
Stamina +1, Dazed -1
Roll(2d6)+0: 3,4,+0 Total:7
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Post by: seppun1 on Oct 17, 2007, 10:52 PM

     Pushkin holds onto Cindy the Nurse, finding he has that walking problem again. "Uhm....thanks.  Maybe I planned this all along to get close to you? But thank you." He tries to joke before mumbling his thanks as he reseats himself upon the biobed. "I am just going to rest here for a few minutes and see if it fades." He nods his head to her. "Some water, Da. Thank you."
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Post by: tomcat on Oct 25, 2007, 11:43 AM
[OOC:] Seppun - do you have any intentions of rolling the tests requested? I am trying to give you some activities to get Pushkin involved... let me know.

Title: Re: Pushkin's burns
Post by: seppun1 on Oct 25, 2007, 07:33 PM
   (ooc: Doh! I'm sorry. I was waiting for you to tell me when it was okay for a roll.  In Pushkin's defense, he got distracted staring at the lovely nurse? :D )

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Post by: tomcat on Oct 28, 2007, 09:19 PM
The nurse steadies the helmsman and steps to get him a cup of water. As she does, Pushkin feels his balance return and the tingling feeling begin to subside. He takes the cup with a smile and downs the liquid, returning the empty upon completion.

She was a pretty woman and he wanted to chat some more, but he had seven decks to cover to get to the bridge, and so he again picked up his tunic and gave her a smile as he left.

Moments later, Alekseyev was on the turbolift heading towards his duty station.

[OOC:] Okay Seppun, you can add anymore dialogue you want to here, but when you are done, Pushkin will be back on the Bridge and back in the main story-arc threads. If you have any questions, gimme a shout.
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Post by: seppun1 on Oct 29, 2007, 07:15 PM

   Pushkin drinks down the water and takes a moment, feeling his head clear. He looks to the Nurse and gives her a smile. "I am feeling better. I think I had best get to my station. I hope to see you again, Ms. Timmons." He says as he gets to his feet and not feeling the deck trying to pull him down. He tugs on his uniform jacket and walks for the door.