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The Fellowship

NameRoleFocus|Fellowship Points*
Esgalwen|not present||
dated: 4/25/2019
Grimbeorn|tbd|tbd|:~~: Awareness
Tate|not present||
*Fellowship Points will be reallocated after each three-week period from date listed
**Includes 1 for Grimbeorn's Twice-baked Honey cakes trait, but reduced by 1 for his Grim Year (Weal and Woe).

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Benefit Undertakings [ - usually last for current Adventure Phase or until next Year-end Fellowship Phase]
Undertaking [character] - benefits

Task Undertakings [usually permanent results from Fellowship efforts]
Restoring the Old Forest Road
1. clearing the road [completed]
2. restoring the wayforts [completed]
3. restoring the road [completed]
4. patrolling the nearby woods [completed]
5. acting as messengers to drum up trade (1 of 4 completed)

Patron Undertakings [usually permanent results from Fellowship efforts]
Radagast - ALL PC's [completed]
Mogdred - Esgalwen [completed]
Bard - Esgalwen [completed]

Sanctuary Undertakings [usually permanent results from Fellowship efforts]
Rhosgobel - ALL PC's [completed]

*let me know if there is any that I have missed from previous Fellowship Phases that are still in play

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CHAPTER 1 - The Last Good Years (http://rpg.avioc.org/DOM_01.pdf)
CHAPTER 2 - Whispers of the Shadow (http://rpg.avioc.org/DOM_02.pdf) [in progress of being compiled]

List of all NAMED characters in our story [compiled through Chapter Six] -- this file is attached below and needs maintained for story continuity


T.A. 2947-The last of the good years
February 19-Turgon, Steward of Gondor sends forth ten Rangers of Ithilien to gather news from the north in Mirkwood Forest.
March 22-Ceawin the Generous, son of Cayl, who in the first days of Spring called for the first Folk-moot since Erebor had fallen to the dragon.
March thru April-Folks begin to gather in Rhosgobel.
April 27-A Fellowship is formed as five travelers come together after great threat to themselves within the Forest of Mirkwood. It is made up of Orophin, the Silvan Elf of Thranduil's realm; Bandobras Bracegirdle, a traveling hobbit out of the Shire; Arbogast Fire-watcher of Woodmen-town; Grimbeorn, son of Beorn, Master of the Beornings; Esgalwen, Ranger of Ithilien; and Rorin, Dwarf of Erebor.
April 27-Urska the Bloodymuzzle is slain.
April 30-The Fellowship increases by one, as Bandy makes a new acquaintance - Rorin, son of Barin. Due to their success, they are assigned to join others in the task of hunting and gathering by Fridwald, and spend the weeks aiding Tent-town in this capacity until the Folk-moot will commence.
June 19-The Company, while on a foraging trip find a wounded man - Beran the Watchful, a servant of Radagast - near the Black Tarn. The man is wounded and carries a note of Orcs in Fenbridge Castle and on Tyrant's Hill. Later that same day, they are suddenly surrounded by Dagmar of Tyrant's Hill, servant of Mogdred, and her five companions. They demand the man Beran, saying he has stolen something from them. That evening, Dagmar, and her treacherous allies, kill Beran in cold blood and then try to escape. After a small melee, the men of Tyrant Hill are subdued along with their leader.
June 20-The Company returns to Tent-town with the captured Dagmar, and her men, along with the body of Beran. Due to this event, Ingomer calls for a council of the Elders.
July 4-The Folk-moot begins.
July 18-The Folk-moot ends after great debate. The clansmen of many houses went back and forth on issues that concerned them and the master of Tyrant's Hill made his appearance - Mogdred, son of Ingomer. After the days of debate, it came down to three proposals - Amaleoda wished for all clansmen wanting to make a new start to join her and her people on the Black Tarn; Ceawin wanted his folk to be counted among the Woodmen of Mirkwood; and Mogdred wanted his own house counted. Ceawin and Amaleoda won the hearts of the people, but Mogdred was cast out. Who knows what evil tidings may come of this.
August 2947 thru March 2949-The companions separate for a time and the following events occur:
Amaleoda's long house is built and many of those that have no home of their own are welcomed there to help grow the Black Tarn clan.

Ceawin and his folk are accepted into the ranks of the woodmen and new routes are pressed through the woods to aid in trade.

Mogdred leaves the moot and is not seen again by the clans, though trade along the new routes are harried by raiders and Amaleoda's crops and fishmongers are continuously robbed.

The roads south from the Beorning's lands through the Anduin Vale become less safe as raiding orcs out of the mountains are no longer stopped.

King Bard had courted and then married the fair maiden, Una of Dorwinion and the bond reinforced the status of the kingdom of Dale as a rising power in the North. Una, it was said, came with a rich dowry of gold and diplomatic relations. In December, the happy king and queen were blessed with a male son, Prince Bain, making Bard a father at the age of 38.

In Thranduil's realm, a great hunt for a fabled white deer of Mirkwood, a race of enchanted beasts known to roam the forest, had taken place and for the first time the Men of Dale were invited. The Elvenking had declared that any may participate that were friends of the realm. Thranduil's goal was to quell the tension that had grown with the Barding villages along the eastern border of the Woodland Realmfor the mortals continue to trespass into the lands of the Elves. Some wonder at the offering of the Elves to join the hunt and it true intent.

During the hunt, an Elf-maiden, Rutheil, had been captured by exiled Dwarves who had coveted her mithril bow - Penbregol. It had been crafted by the hands of the Dwarf-smith Gamil Zirak and the exiled Dwarves deemed it a handsome weregild to use in the request for aid in the retaking of their own home - the Greydelve. The maiden was rescued by Bardings, much to the delight of the Elvenking who has decided to look past the mortal-folks transgressions into his realm. Also, as a condition of the Elf-maiden's release, an agreement was made that Thranduil would meet with Frár, chieftain of the exiled Dwarves. Yet, with the coming of spring it has yet to happen.

From central Mirkwood came tales of the opening of routes to the eastern eaves and the East Bight. Spiders were rampant in the shadowed heart of the woods, and one had attacked a Woodman boat travelling down the Dusky River. The River-maidens interceded to save the Woodmen by guiding them out of the webs. One of the Woodmen reported seeing a gigantic Spider lurking in the shadows.

On the fringes of the Western Eaves, a skulking shape was seen lingering about and stealing food from the Woodmen. One farmer tried to catch the chicken-thief but the creature retaliated by terrifying the farmer's cows, who trampled the Woodman to death. Ingomer of Woodland Hall has placed a bounty on the head of this 'Bloody Ghost' that was said to hiss and whisper to itself.
April 2949-Radagast summons the companions to Rhosgobel once more to journey with him to the Necromancer's keep - Dol Guldur.
April 4 - 5-The companions begin their first leg of the journey to Dol Guldur - a day's trek from Rhosgobel to the southern end of the Black Tarn. Radagast meets with the eldest of the River Maidens to have a private conversation.
April 5 - 7-Their next part of the journey takes them from the Black Tarn to the Hall of Mogdred, on Tyrant's Hill. The Woodman lord is not present in his hall, but still his chamberlain, Ohdalf, grants the company a night to rest and recover from the road.

The company meets a few residents of Tyrant's Hill along with the chamberlain, Ohdalf son of Ondal - Acca and Kenway, two youths that know the lady Esgalwen; Aldwyn a man of unknown origins, crippled, but who serves as a guard when Mogdred is away.

Esgalwen has quiet words with Aldwyn, which raises the suspicions of Arbogast. Songs are sung and fire tales are told. The company leaves in the morning. Radagast blesses their boots so to make the best speed possible.

Far off, the orc Slurg delivers a prisoner to an unknown keeper - a man that is important to the Master and who has blood of the West running within his veins.
April 8 - 14-The company enters the haunted forest.

Six days from Tyrant's Hill, they come upon the corpse of a Dúnadan ranger from Ithilien hanging in the trees eviscerated. It is one of Esgalwen's companions. They spend the day burying him and make camp. The morning finds their packs overrun with horrid insects that have tainted all of their food rations. They push on south towards Dol Guldur.
April 17-The company enters Dol Guldur.  :~~:
April 17-18-Within Dol Guldur, the company discovers a dark secret that there is a traitor among the Men or Elves of the north, for Thranduil's realm is known to the Enemy. Gates and guard-shifts, layout of defenses, and more. The terror of the place causes Orophin to succumb to a madness. He runs from Dol Guldur, angered with the knowledge that his kin have been betrayed - potentially by one of their own! Having found the evidence he needed, Radagast leads the company away, but Orophin is taken by the undead within the moat of Dol Guldur. Esgalwen suffers, too, from their affect when she tried to save her Silvan friend.
April 18-30-A sad and hungry company returns at last to Rhosgobel.
May 2949 thru April 2951-The companions go their own way after their ordeal with the realm of Dol Guldur. It is during this period, too, that the Lord Sauron declares himself once more and takes up his seat in Mordor. Once more the foundations of the evil stronghold are raised.

Esgalwen returns to Gondor to carry news of the deaths of her companions and to hopefully garner some aid for the beleaguered southern Mirkwood. She finds the Steward of Gondor now reclusive and seeing none but his most personal of advisers. It is the son of the Steward, Ecthelion, that hears her pleas and gives her leave to return along with a van of gifts from the south.

Arbogast retreats to the Black Tarn and spends the years building his trade. Rorin and Brandy, too, set about establishing a business, but they do so in Rhosgobel.

Grimbeorn finds his way back home and is finally named heir-apparent to Beorn.
T.A. 2951-The return of the Shadow
April 22 - May 04-The Black Tarn is awakened with the cries of attack. Arbogast and his folk race to save their town as raiders of the Scarlet Disk attack from the south. When the victory is at last theirs, Amaleoda sends the Fire-watcher to Rhosgobel, as he had been summoned. Upon arriving, Arbogast learns of Verwyne, daughter of Vingal, who is to be wed to one of the folk of Wodland Hall. He also learns that Ceawin has requested a great helm be crafted to appease the dead.
May - June-The Lady Verwyne, daughter of Vingal, is taken to Woodland Hall where she meets her husband-to-be, Aodhan. Once delivered, the companions take leave of Ceawin and his host and head west to Mountain Hall. Upon the way, they are waylaid by a trio of trolls, but the Company removes them as a threat. With the onset of July, they find themselves the guests of Hartfast, son of Hartmut, chieftain of Mountain Hall.
July-Mountain Hall is raided by goblins tunnelling up from the mines.  Many suffer in the fighting.
late August-The companions return to Rhosgobel and present the Helm of Peace to Caewin, who names them the Fellowship of the Helm in recognition of their efforts.  They agree to accompany the Helm to the Sunstead.
September 4-18-The companions cross the Narrows of the Forest to the Sunstead.  Idunn slays an enormous spider, but several members of the Fellowship are wounded.  The companions spend a while resting at the Sunstead to recover.
September 19-Mother Leyna delivers her warning. The Fellowship of the Helm enters the warren beneath the Barrow Hills.
September 20-The companions emerge from the barrows, to an incongruous dawn. Arbogast gives his prophecy in the house of healing. 
September 30 - October 11-The companions depart the Sunstead and travel back through the Narrows to Black Tarn Hall. 
April 2952-The Companions of the Helm are approached by Bofri son of Bofur Companion to Thorin. With the Kingdom of Erebor again open and prospering he seeks to open the old Dwarf road that crossed the forest and re-establish the Office of Road Warden. The Companions head north to assist him, but are sidetracked by coming upon the trail of Orcish Raiders from the South. The Companions join with some Woodmen and destroy the Orc Patrol. Returning to the road they rescue Bofri, and recover the Staff of the Road Warden. Bandy attempts to influence the group to stand up and fight the spiders that encroach upon the Millfort. The Fellowship of the Helm is swayed to varying degrees by the Hobbit, but are almost destroyed as a result. The Eagles drive away the great spider of the Forest and carry the much injured Companions away.
April 21, T.A. 2952-The Fellowship of the Helm is carried by the Great Eagles to the Elvenking's Hall, and are given hospitality by Thranduil, son of Oropher.
early May-The companions rest and heal in the Elvenking's Hall.  Bandy meets Ormal the Sindar, who examines the gem he bears.  Esgalwen meets Neldir.  Arbogast, less fortunately, meets Gannon, tells the wayward Elves of the Lamp of Balthi, and is lost in the forest for several days. 
4 May-The companions set off, to hunt the captors of Ruthiel the Elvenmaid, and learn what they can of a covenant between Viglund and the orcs of Mount Gundabad to bring thralls to Angmar.
September-The companions set off in pursuit of the Beast of Mirkwood.
TA 2953-The Battle of Stánford.
TA 2954-The Company is led once more into the Mirkwood Forest, within the Narrows, and find themselves within the Ghost Hall of Mirkwood.
TA 2955-The Men of the Vale gather near Rhosgobel to celebrate competition on the Field of Heroes.
TA 2956-The Company makes its way north to Dale. King Bard has called for a Council of the North.
TA 2957-The village of Black Tarn is besieged. The only answer is to free Duskwater, the River Maiden, from the clutches of Tyulqin. The companions follow Radagast deep into Mirkwood to the Parliament of Spiders.
TA 2959-The death of Beorn. Esgalwen learns of the Rangers of the North.