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EPISODE 2: Operation Wayward Falcon

Started by tomcat, May 28, 2014, 07:53 PM

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Haywire let Longshot get all of their gear stowed onto the Y-wing while he went through his ritual pre-flight inspection. After looking over every square inch of the fighter, Haywire concluded that while she had obviously seen some pretty heavy fighting she was in spec and ready to fly. Not waiting for Longshot to finish his work Haywire climbed into the Pilot's seat to get everything adjusted just the way he liked it and started warming the ship up. He felt the pre-mission jitters leave him as he got comfortable with the ship.

Haywire keyed his mic:
Hammer, as soon as Longshot finishes stowing our gear, we are mission ready. Lets get this done.

Then he relaxed into his seat and readied himself for the fight ahead.


Once the gear was stowed, Hammer walked past each of the men checking that their gear is stowed tight and their strapped in.  Then he looked to Haywire and gave him the nod as he strapped himself in.

"Alright men, It's finally time to get back to work."


As the Navy Captain finished speaking Hammer snapped him a salute then turned and moved back to the team.

"Alright brothers, You know the drill, get your gear stowed on on the wishbones. We'll be leaving as soon as soon as we're ready.  The Mission is waiting on us gentlemen. Let's move out, Double time!"

Hammer stowed his own gear in the wishbone with Mitts.  As soon as the team had their gear stowed and were mounted up He ran through his checklist. 

"Gold three this is gold two, report when you are good to go."

He waited for Haywire to respond then signaled the Commander that they were all set.

"Gold one this is gold two we are ready for go at your signal."