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Darkening of Mirkwood [LotR TOR]
In October of T.A. 2941, one hundred and seventy-one years after his arrival in Erebor, Smaug the Golden took his last flight to destroy Lake-town only to fall by the black-fletched arrow of Bard the Bowman. During the same year, in the south of Mirkwood, the White Council drove from his forest-fortress of Dol Guldur the Necromancer. It would seem that such events would allow for peace and a release of the Shadow that had clutched the land for so many years. But no, a lingering darkness remains over Mirkwood, a shadow that will grow ever longer as the years draw on – unless a fellowship of heroes step forward to hold back the gloom.

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Reading Room - Archived Games (data may be deleted)

Lost Legends of the First Age [LotR CODA]
Of all the great tales of the First Age, much has been told throughout history. But there is one tale that few bards even know a little, fewer still know it to completion. Yet, this tale has affected all events that have come since. It is a tale of hope and despair; of loyalty and treachery; of great battles between armies and within souls. It is a tale of long forgotten heroes in a more glorious time.

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Chronicles of the North [LotR CODA]
T.A. 1639 - A year has passed in relative peace within Arthedain, the last northern Dúnedain realm. But now, once more the cold clawing hand of Angmar begins to squeeze and heroes are reunited to stave off a new threat. They must return to the lands of Cardolan where agents of the Witch-king attempt to close the road between Old Arnor and Gondor and so isolate Arthedain from its ally. The city of Tharbad will be the goal - to control, or destroy its bridge will close the way.

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Chronicles of the North - redux [LotR CODA]
I have pulled this chapter from our game but I do not want to get rid of the content, as some of it may come into use.

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What Once Was [LotR CODA]
It was in 2810 T.A. that Kori, a descendant to the long deceased Key-warden, decided the time was right to restore his family's reputation. The great War of the Dwarves and Orcs had ended eleven years ago and had a devastating effect on the tribes of the Misty Mountains. Their fewer numbers should allow for access into the old Dwarf home, finding the keys of Tori, and assuring that the vaults of Khazad-dûm were still secured. As long as Durin's Bane was not disturbed, a company could enter and escape and Kori could restore his families name; restore what once was.

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Black Sun [Star Wars SE]
Only the stalwart willingly immerse themselves into the underworld of the Galaxy - some for good, some for ill. Sometimes the darkest path leads to the light, and so our heroes find themselves embroiled in a war of another kind. The ultimate goal - to clear their names and find freedom once more... at least from some.

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Tempest Rising [Star Wars SE]
The Galaxy feels the grip of the new Empire as more and more world's that were once governed by the Republic are brought to heel. But even as Emperor Palpatine and his right hand, Darth Vader, move to bring all under their new Order, a storm of patriotism begins to rage in the hearts of those who will not have their liberties taken - a tempest that will one day ignite the fires of rebellion.

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Welcome to the 501st! [Star Wars SE]
Advanced Recon Commandos - ARC troopers - elitest of the elite! After seeing their first conflict defending their fellow Clones on Kamino from a Separatist Droid assault, the elite ARC troopers are phased into the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic. Due to their skill and self-sufficient training, the ARC troopers are assigned special covert mission to subvert the efforts of the CIS - though perilous the troopers are expected to achieve their objectives no matter the odds.

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Run Silent, Run Deep [Star Trek CODA]
A new crew. Secret advancements of technology. An order that will deny all culpability. The U.S.S. Columbia has a new captain and crew and must make their way out to where the Romulan and Klingon frontiers meet that with the Federation, an area of space called the Wedge. It is here they will find out what their clandestine mission is and maybe, just maybe, they will stop a war that no one knew was coming.

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To Boldly Go... [Star Trek CODA]
The U.S.S. Columbia, back from its secret mission to the Wedge and now with new command, has undergone repairs and shake down. Now, the gallant ship and crew are dispatched to the Kalandra Sector in the Alpha Quadrant where they will take up station near the Kayton Cluster for exploration and research.

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The Blood of Orcrist [D&D 5e]
The two faced one another in the large chamber - the hearth's flames casting the only light. Shadows danced across the pillars of stone that stood in ordered lines. One of the figures stood tall, near seven-feet in height. His body was well-formed and bulged with strength. He was a half-breed - half man and half orc. The other man was tall and slender and dressed in a long robe of red. Covering his face was an awful mask in the shape of a dragon. He spoke, "You are a fool if you believe this plan will work."

"Fool?" growled the half-orc. "No, I am no fool. The vision I see will come to its fruition. I will restore my blood rite. The doors of Darkhold shall be opened and I will attain the greatness that was my forebears."

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The Wicked Realm [Darkhaven d100]
A full season had passed since the raid on Darach Fain - the last mounting of the Riders of the Pale. Theirs were the stories of legend, rebels in a land of brutal law. But now, dispersed and alone, a hero once more finds himself in the midst of subjugation by a wicked hand.

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Oaths of the Riddermark [LotR TOR]
The year is 2954 T.A. Thengel, the new king of Rohan, spent most of his life in Gondor and is considered a stranger in his own land. Under the sad rule of his father, the two Marshals of the Mark became bitter enemies, and from that disunity, fierce Dunlending tribes began to raid the farmsteads of Rohan. Isengard itself is no longer a haven of wisdom. Spies from Saruman have already infiltrated all layers of the Rohirrim society for unknown purposes. Thengel King has made known he's welcoming adventurers to help settle Rohan right. Being a stranger himself, resorting to strangers might be a bold move but there is no time left to dabble, actions must be taken. Will you heed the call ? Will you take a seat at the table of a king and restore the Riddermark to its former glory?

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Vanished Voices [Numenera]
Eight great civilisations have risen and fallen, or transcended, or vanished, says the Order of Truth.  The Ninth World is in its infancy, with the men and women of this new age building tomorrow with the long-abandoned remnants of the prior worlds.  But the technologies that reshaped the Earth, voyaged through time and space and breached the barriers of other dimensions have left their mark on the world and its inhabitants.  Only a few date enter the ruins left by unknowably great minds and bring back treasures that may never be understood.  

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Darkhaven - Building a world

There had always been a keep on the Fields of Fannon. It had stood longer than the memories of Man and perhaps even longer than the memories of Elves, as they were the First and the first to sing of its existence. The malignant creatures that are goblinkind would have surely been drawn to it before the Fair, for they are wont for the harsher arts but do not keep accounts of the passing ages, either in song or written record. Once sung, however, the song would be used for a millennium afterward as a rhyme to warn young Fey against the world outside, not necessarily as nightmare, but as a melodic introduction to the concept of darkness. They called it Darach Fain – "The Black Home" or "The Shadow Keep."

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